CAGPO-ACMOO has developed a case-based self-directed learning program tailored to the care of patients with cancer. These cases are meant to be used by physicians working in the role of the General Practitioner in Oncology. By working through these cases, with the aide of a knowledgeable mentor, one will become familiar with the management issues of the various stages of cancer.                

The cases were most recently reviewed and revised/updated in 2017.

Click on any case you wish to read, a downloadable PDF file will open in a new window.

Bladder Cancer Case Scenario  
Breast Cancer Cases
  Cancer of Unknown Primary Case   Colorectal Cancer Cases
Endometrial Cancer Cases   Esophageal Cancer Cases   Febrile Neutropenia Case   Gastric Cancer Case
Genetics Screening Case   Head & Neck Cancer Cases   Hematological Cancer Cases   Lung Cancer Cases
Melanoma Cases
  Ovarian Cancer Cases   Pancreatic Cancer Case   Psychiatric Case
Rectal Cancer Case   Thrombosis Case   If you would like to provide feedback regarding these cases, or have questions, please contact Dr. Mary DeCarolis at